KZ RACE FURLERS come with a world-class reputation. They have been bred in the toughest conditions of the Volve Ocean Race – the most severe test of men, machines and equipment.

They have not only survived, they have won. KZ RACE FURLERS have been on the winning boats in the last three editions of the race – and on all the podium finishers in the last two editions.

In a contest where eliminating breakdowns and maximising
usability is the key to success, KZ RACE FURLERS have outlasted and outperformed the competition time and again.

Peace of mind is knowing that if equipment can stand the ultimate test, it can be used with confidence under most conditions. Whether it is superyacht racing, IRC maxis, America’s Cup yachts, TP52s, IMOCA60s or the big racing multihulls, KZ RACE FURLERS can meet the demands. And, we can custom design and manufacture to your unique, or personal specification where our standard units may not match your precise requirements.

A range that meets the needs of all furling and flying sails,
KZ RACE FURLERS ensure the smoothest, fastest furling without compromising strength or reliability.


LOCKING MECHANISM: Our RACE FURLERS have a unique locking mechanism, allowing them to free spin, or ratchet in each direction. Sails can be hoisted and the unfurl held. When ready, release the lock and sheet on. This can be string operated for loose luff sails set off a bowsprit, or operated by hand for sails set back from the bow.

LONG LUFF: Our tack attachment options and head swivels are low-profile allowing sailmakers to maximise luff lengths for optimum power.

FLEXIBLE ROPE GUARD: Our flexible rope guard allows the furling line to be easily stripped from the furling drum and just as easily re-fitted. Just pefect for the rapid deployment of a loose luff sail.

HIGH LOAD TORSIONAL BEARINGS: Despite the direct line of the furling stay, swivels and furlers have to absorb a lot of off-axis movement. KZ RACE FURLERS have high load torsional bearings to eliminate friction and maximise efficiency.

FAST PIN: KZ RACE FURLERS offer a range of standard and custom fast pin options. Many of our customers have their own preferences.

CUSTOM SOLUTIONS: KZ RACE FURLERS come with a range of attachment options from toggles to fit a standard headstay tang to non-rotating Tylaska clips, 2:1 and 3:1 friction sheaves and side-opening snatch blocks. The options are endless.

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