Furler world.  What is it and where do we find it? To get there you go quickly past the “dreamland” of helmsmen and navigators, through the trimmers and pit of “adventureland” and there in the distance, you will find “frontierland”, home to the legendary bowman in furler world. Furler world is a harsh place, only the best survive up here. Pounded by tons of water, pushed and pulled to the limit, it is not a place for the underspecced and/or unproven.

At KZ Racefurlers, we pride ourselves on customizing “furler world”. The best racing yachts in the world choose us for this very reason. The Volvo Ocean Race, the Vendee Globe, the Barcelona Word race and the Americas Cup all demand perfection. When faced with the challenge of creating a furler we know exactly where to start. Size, weight, function AND RELIABILTY are our priority. Identifying and measuring the variations to a concept take time, but the degree of accuracy and refinement offers results consistent with the overall effort towards optimization. We aim to preempt situations and offer options in design to resolve issues easily. We appreciate the significance of variables that drive a modern race boat design. These days the furler units must multi task. Switching between MHO (mast head zero) FRO Fractional zero and TD (Top down) is becoming a key factor to handling the sails.  We learn from servicing the weaknesses.  Testing verifys known loads, but actual use offers far greater rewards for development. 

Together our furlers have sailed approximately 4 million miles and the lessons learnt have taught us to accept nothing but absolute commitment.

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